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The ACNC's Stakeholder Engagement Framework outlines our commitment to engaging with, and being responsive to, the charities we regulate and other stakeholders.

Consulting with the sector ensures that we understand different points of view and are better equipped to make informed decisions about how we will meet our objects.

The ACNC's Sector Forum is an important part of these efforts and forms a key part of the ACNC’s stakeholder consultation mechanism.


The Sector Forum membership comprises invited representatives of the charity sector. The forum brings this membership together with ACNC representatives and invited observer members.

The Sector Forum is invited to comment on matters that will help the ACNC improve its regulation of charities and to be open and accountable about the way we operate the ACNC operates.

The ACNC will seek comment and feedback from members of the Sector Forum on:

  • emerging issues impacting the sector
  • approved forms
  • policies
  • education and guidance materials.

Participation, membership and tenure

The ACNC Sector Forum meets twice a year – once separately to the Adviser Forum and once combined with it. Additional meetings may be called or requests for comments or feedback may be sought on an as needs basis.

Sector Forum members are invited to participate for a two-year term. This term can be extended by invitation of the ACNC. Membership of the Sector Forum is capped at 30 and reflects the diversity of the sector.

Government agencies and departments can be invited to attend as observer members to the forum. Observer membership can be extended to organisations that have responsibilities related to the charity sector.

Standing observer members:

  • Treasury
  • Australian Taxation Office

Organisation Representative
Oxfam Australia Sari Baird
World Vision Australia Nick Keenan
CMA Standards Council Stephen Kerr
Australian Philanthropic Services Judith Fiander
Australian Council of Social Service (ACOSS) Rob Sturrock
Australian Conservation Foundation

Tina Pandeloglou

Adam Beeson

National Disability Services
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Legal Service (QLD) Ltd Ross Sivo
Fundraising Institute Australia Katherine Raskob
SecondBite Steve Clifford
Anglican Church of Australia Bernadette Bateman
National Catholic Education Commission Andrew Long
Philanthropy Australia

Krystian Seibert

PowerHousing Australia

Nicholas Proud

Australian Catholic Bishops Conference Jonathan Campton
CVGT Australia
Self Help Workshop Inc Donna Bain
Australian War Widows NSW Ltd Renee Wilson
Joblink Plus Limited James MacDonald
The Queensland Country Women's Association Emmy-Clare Rule
OneCare Geelong Chris Maddock
HeartKids Fiona Ellis
Institute for Healthy Communities Australia (IHCA) Fiona Loughlan
Women of Colour Australia Brenda Gaddi
Ecstra Foundation Caroline Stewart
Atlassian Foundation (comprising Atlassian Foundation Australia and Atlassian Foundation International Limited) Mark Reading
Centre for Policy Development Limited Allison Orr
St Vincent de Paul Society NSW Jessica Wishart
Primary Focus Limited David Gilchrist
ATO Jennifer Moltisanti

Jacky Rowbotham

AASB Fridrich Housa