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Bush fire disasters

I would like to the thank the charities that have already provided much needed assistance to those affected and will continue to do so in the coming weeks. Our thoughts are with the communities in New South Wales and Queensland affected by the bush fires.

Devastating events such as these often bring out great generosity in people, but ensuring help goes where it is needed is important. We encourage those who want to donate to search for registered charities using the ACNC Charity Register.

I intend to issue a blanket extension to the due date for the 2019 Annual Information Statements (AIS) for charities with an Address For Service in the fire affected areas. These AIS’s will now be due 31 March 2020 and we will publish a list of postcodes on our website soon. These charities will be sent AIS reminders in March next year. If you are in an area impacted by bushfires and require an extension of time to lodge, please contact Advice Services via and request an extension.

Thank you for your patience

I would like to thank you all for your patience this week, while we undertook maintenance on our website, Charity Portal and the Charity Register.

These maintenance works were necessary and unavoidable.

Full functionality has now been restored across all platforms.

New podcasts for RSLs

I am pleased to announce that the ACNC has launched a new series of podcasts to support the effective and responsible operation of Australia's RSLs.

The podcasts - entitled Forward Together - see the ACNC's own experts joined by those representing the Australian Taxation Office and the Governance Institute of Australia.

Each of the four episodes focusses on a different series of topics and sets out to inform and educate Australia's RSLs - the branches, sub-branches and those who serve as directors or in leadership roles - on their responsibilities as registered charities.

They also provide guidance on how RSLs can continue their invaluable work with veterans and their families - as well as the wider community - while at the same time building and maintaining the public's trust and confidence in what they do.

The four podcasts look at:

  • RSLs' obligations to the ACNC, the ACNC Governance Standards and the importance of good culture
  • The role and responsibilities of the board and board members
  • Identifying and managing conflicts of interest
  • Allowances, payments, tax and other obligations

You can listen to or download the podcasts through the ACNC website at

2019 Annual Information Statement

For charities operating on a standard financial year (1 July to 30 June), the due date for the 2019 Annual Information Statement is fast approaching. Except if your charity has been directly impacted by the bush fires, then please see the information above about a blanket extension.

2,500 charities have submitted their Annual Information Statements ahead of the 31 January 2020 due date.

I strongly encourage the remaining charities to submit their Annual Information Statements as soon as possible.

Completing the Annual Information Statement now will reduce your risk of wait times should you need support from our Advice team during the submission process.

Read our guide to help you prepare to submit your Annual Information Statement.

Submit your Annual Information Statement via the Charity Portal.

Final webinar of the year

Our final free webinar of the year will be held next week on 21 November.

The webinar will cover what charities need to report to the ACNC and when and will help you to prepare to submit your 2019 Annual Information Statement.

Find out more and register your attendance on our website.

Best wishes,
The Hon Dr Gary Johns