A one week extension has been granted to all charities that were required to submit the 2018 Annual Information Statement by 31 March 2019.

ACNC Commissioner the Hon Dr Gary Johns acknowledged that although nearly 70 per cent of charities with the 31 March due date had already submitted their reporting, some charities had experienced technical issues preventing them from getting it in on time.

“Thank you to the 23,500 charities who submitted their 2018 Annual Information Statement ahead of the due date”, Dr Johns said.

“We know that some charities experienced technical issues when submitting their reporting last week as the demand for our systems increased. Our team is working extremely hard to overcome the issues.

“Rest assured that charities will not be penalised for late reporting due to technical issues.”

The extension means all charities with a 31 March 2019 due date, now have until 7 April 2019 to submit their Annual Information Statements. This gives the remaining 11,000 charities an additional week to report.

More information

To submit the Annual Information Statement, charities need to log into the Charity Portal at charity.acnc.gov.au. The Annual Information Statement form is located in the ‘Manage reporting’ section.

Charities that have not logged into the new Charity Portal (since October 2018) are encouraged to visit acnc.gov.au/charityportal for instructions.

We have guidance to help charities fill in their 2018 Annual Information Statement at acnc.gov.au/2018ais.