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As many charities prepare to submit their Annual Information Statement by 30 June, it is a good time to check that you can log into the Charity Portal, and once you are logged in, that you can see your charity listed.

It is important that you are listed on your charity’s record as a Responsible Person or Authorised Person, have access to the Charity Portal and understand how to report.

Each Portal account is linked to a specific person’s name and email address. More than one person at your charity can have an account that is linked to the charity in the Portal. The person reporting for your charity must have their own log on.

There is guidance on the website to guide you through the process.

Are you new to using the Charity Portal?

If you have not previously logged in to the Portal, you will need to make sure you have been added as a Responsible Person or Authorised Person before you create your Portal account. Another Responsible Person or Authorised Person must add you using an email unique to you. You cannot use the same email and log in details as someone who has left your charity. See more information and step by step instructions in this guidance: Help logging in to the Charity Portal.

Have you previously used the Charity Portal but can’t see your charity?

The personal email you use for your Portal account needs to be the same email address that was listed when you were added as a Responsible or Authorised Person for your charity. If you cannot see your charity listed when you sign in, please follow our instructions in this guidance: Help finding your charity in the Portal.

Our free online short course ‘The Annual Information Statement’ covers how to log in to the Charity Portal and how to add Responsible and Authorised People to your charity, as well as broader topics such as how to complete the Annual Information Statement and tips for completing your reporting effectively.