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The Charity Register is now even more useful, with a new feature allowing you to find Australian registered charities that operate programs overseas.

You can now refine your search by selecting the country or countries in which charities run programs.

The enhancement will connect donors, volunteers and philanthropists with the thousands of organisations that operate programs internationally. According to the latest edition of the Australian Charities Report, 6% of Australian registered charities operate in other countries, with the five most common countries being India, Cambodia, the Philippines, Indonesia and Kenya.

The change builds on enhancements made in previous years, such as the ability to look up charities based on the types of programs and services they deliver. These enhancements help users find registered charities to support based on their interests, such as housing or education, and the ability to search for a charity working in your preferred location, anywhere in Australia.

Explore all search features, including the new international one, on the Charity Register.