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More than 150 charities are at risk of losing their registration, as they have failed to submit two or more Annual Information Statements.

The ACNC today issued a public notice as the Commission has been unable to contact the charities directly.

They have until 11 October to submit overdue Annual Information Statements before their registration is revoked.

ACNC Acting Assistant Commissioner General Counsel Natasha Sekulic said those who run charities must ensure their organisation complies with ongoing obligations to retain registration.

“Unfortunately, these charities have not met obligations for some time,” Ms Sekulic said.

“Annual Information Statements must be submitted by all charities. While we understand many of these organisations have either wound up or merged, it is a requirement that they let us know.

“Good governance and accountability are critical for the public confidence in the sector. One important way we support that is to ensure data on the Charity Register is accurate.

“We urge all charities to keep their reporting up to date to avoid having their registration revoked, losing charity tax concessions and the need to re-register if they are still operating,” Ms Sekulic said.

See the public notice and a list of the charities at risk of losing registration.