The ACNC Charity Register is a publicly available register. Some information that charities submit to the Office of the Registrar of Indigenous Corporations (ORIC) is shared and displayed on the Charity Register. ORIC shares information with the ACNC each month.

Information ORIC shares with the ACNC

For a corporation that is also registered as a charity, ORIC shares the corporation’s:

  • legal name*
  • main place of business address*
  • phone number*
  • email address*
  • preferred method of contact
  • date of registration under the CATSI Act
  • financial year end*
  • directors’ names*.

* If your corporation decides to directly provide this information to the ACNC through the Annual Information Statement or the Charity Portal, it will be replaced by the information shared by ORIC each month.

New information to add to the ACNC Charity Register

As ORIC registered charities are not required to update the ACNC directly you may not require access to the ACNC Charity Portal. You can, however, log in to the ACNC Charity Portal and change the following information, which ORIC does not ask for and will not be transferred:

  • other names your corporation is known by
  • corporation’s website
  • where your corporation operates (states, territories and other countries)
  • your charity subtype (when available in the Charity Portal).

Updating charity beneficiaries and charity size on the ACNC Register

Charity beneficiaries and size can be updated by contacting us (email preferred). If you choose to submit an Annual Information Statement, information about your beneficiaries and charity size will be updated from this.

ACNC Address for Service

The ACNC Address For Service is the address we use to contact your corporation and send all important information. The Address For Service also appears on the Charity Register. The ACNC prefers to use your corporation’s email address as your ACNC Address For Service but if your corporation does not have one, we will use the main place of business address.

Withholding information from the ACNC Charity Register

You can ask ORIC to change or withhold certain information on the public Register of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporations. If ORIC agrees to your request, that information will not be shared with the ACNC. If you provide information for the ACNC Register—that is, information not required or collected by ORIC—you can ask the ACNC to withhold this information.