Charities that are incorporated associations in Tasmania (TAS), South Australia (SA) and the ACT are reminded that they will no longer need to submit to their state or territory regulator. Instead they will report once to the ACNC via their Annual Information Statements. Medium and large charities will also need to submit their annual financial reports. The ACNC will then share relevant data with their state regulator.

The two-year transitional reporting period for affected charities to transition to meet ACNC reporting requirements has now ended. From 2019, medium and large charities that are incorporated associations in TAS, SA and ACT must use accrual accounting and ensure their annual financial reports meet all ACNC reporting requirements, including the ACNC's requirements for audits or reviews. More information can be found here for SA, TAS and ACT incorporated associations.

For charities that are incorporated associations in Victoria (VIC) and New South Wales (NSW), 2019 is the second year of the two-year transitional reporting period. These charities will be required to prepare a full financial report that meets ACNC reporting requirements (with conditions for comparative information). From 2020, these charities will need to ensure annual financial reports include comparative information. These charities must also meet the ACNC's requirements for audits or reviews. More information can be found here for NSW and VIC.

For incorporated associations in the Northern Territory (NT), the first year of the two-year transitional reporting arrangements commenced on 1 July 2019. More information can be found here for NT.

Charities are also encouraged to download our Annual Financial Report Checklist.

Annual general meetings

October is a busy time of the year for charities operating on a financial year (1 July to 30 June) with many preparing to hold their annual general meeting (AGM).

AGM time is a good opportunity to consider how your charity is meeting the ACNC Governance Standards. The ACNC developed a handy self-evaluation tool that charities can use to assess whether they are meeting their obligations.

The ACNC does not require charities to hold an AGM; however, charities should check their rules and any legislation that applies to them to find out whether they are required to do so.

It is also important to keep in mind you must notify the ACNC of certain changes that your charity may make at its AGM (such as its legal name, Responsible Persons or governing documents).

The ACNC has developed a range of resources to help charities with their AGMs.

View our general AGM guidance here.

View our AGM templates here.

2019 Annual Information Statement

I strongly encourage charities to submit their 2019 Annual Information Statement as early as possible. Completing your Annual Information Statement as soon as possible will ensure you submit on time, beat the rush and minimise the risk of experiencing services delays should you need to contact our Advice line during the submission process.

The 2019 Annual Information Statement is available to submit online via the Charity Portal.

Read our helpful 2019 Annual Information Statement guide.

Charity Fraud Awareness Week

International Charity Fraud Awareness Week will be held from 21 to 25 October.

Charity Fraud Awareness Week encourages all charities to protect their income and assets and promotes openness and honesty about fraud.

This year’s theme is ‘we are stronger when we work together to keep #CharityFraudOut’.

The ACNC will be participating and promoting Charity Fraud Awareness Week. Keep an eye out for more information in the lead up to the Week.

In the meantime, you can find out more on the Charity Fraud Awareness Week website.

Upcoming webinars

Our next free webinar will be held on Thursday 24 October. This webinar will look at the issue of charity fraud and how people can protect their charities from mismanagement and wrongdoing.

The November webinar will be held on Thursday 21 November. This webinar will cover reporting to the ACNC, useful tips and tricks to help you manage your reporting and prepare to submit the 2019 Annual Information Statement.

Find out more, and register your attendance at these webinars here.

Best wishes,
The Hon Dr Gary Johns