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There are some simple but important checks you can do as the new year kicks off to ensure your charity meets ongoing obligations.

One important check is to ensure that your charity is aware of its reporting obligations and when reporting is due.

Check that your charity’s Address For Service is up to date. This is where ACNC correspondence is sent, including reminders to submit your Annual Information Statement (AIS).

You should also inform us of any changes to the names or positions of those who run your charity – its Responsible People. This includes directors, committee members and trustees.

Check that Responsible People have access to the Charity Portal. If there are any technical difficulties with access, make sure you are using a compatible operating system and browser and that you have cleared your cookies and cache.

Finally, your charity should notify us of any changes to its governing document and submit a revised copy via the Charity Portal. Your charity may also need to notify other agencies of any changes, such as state or territory regulators.

These simple steps can help demonstrate a strong governance framework which is critical to the successful delivery of your charity’s programs to the people or causes it supports.