Our staff take part in the annual Australian Public Service (APS) employee census, which collects confidential attitude and opinion information from APS employees on issues including their health and wellbeing, attendance, performance management, leadership, and general impressions of the APS.

Each year, the APS employee census is administered in the five-week period beginning the second week of May to enable long-term trends and comparability of data.

At the ACNC, we have our own Culture Plan to sustain an independent, transparent and well-governed agency with a positive culture and strong customer service ethos.


In 2019, we achieved a high response rate to the census with 95 out of 106 of our staff participating – a 90% response rate.

To promote transparency, the ACNC along with many other agencies is making its census data public.


Our staff are strongly committed to the agency’s work, with 88% of staff reporting they strongly believe in the agency’s mission and objectives, and 92% reporting they are prepared to go the ‘extra mile’ at work, while 84% made suggestions to improve operations.

We are achieving success in creating a positive and inclusive culture, with 93% of our staff recognising their workgroups as inclusive and accepting people of diverse backgrounds and 87% agreeing their supervisor supports people of diverse backgrounds.

Most of our staff were satisfied with the respect (92%), communication (80%), encouragement (86%), resilience shown (84%), and responsibility given (89%) to them by their immediate supervisor.

The vast majority of our staff (83%) felt they had good opportunities to utilise their skills through their job, and their remuneration (76%) and working conditions (84%) were highly rated by staff.