The ACNC's Stakeholder Engagement Framework outlines our commitment to engaging with, and being responsive to, the charities we regulate and other stakeholders.

Consulting with the sector ensures that we understand different points of view and are better equipped to make informed decisions about how we will meet our objects.

The ACNC's Adviser Forum forms an important part of our sector consultation efforts.


The Adviser Forum's membership is made up of invited professional advisers to the charity sector, primarily from the legal and accounting professions. The forum brings this membership together with ACNC representatives and invited observer members.

The Adviser Forum is able to comment on matters that will help the ACNC improve its regulation of charities and to be open and accountable about the way we operate.

The ACNC can seek comment and feedback from members of the Adviser Forum on:

  • emerging issues impacting the sector and the provision of service to the sector
  • approved forms
  • policies
  • education and guidance materials.

Participation, membership and tenue

The ACNC Adviser Forum meets twice a year - once separately to the Sector Forum and once combined with it.

Adviser Forum members are invited to participate for a two-year term. This term can be extended by invitation of the ACNC.

Forum membership is capped at 35 and reflects the diversity of the sector.